Woven is a site specific lighting installation for the Michelin starred Woven by Adam Smith at Coworth Parkconsisting of tensioned lighting sculptures, illuminated screens and kinetic floorlights. 

Utilising over 7000 meters of gold cord, the ceiling sculptures create a site specific canopy that weaves through all three spaces. Taking inspiration from shafts of sunlight, the geometric cord panels intersect with each other framing the space between to create a playful interaction of light and transparency.

The screens are illuminated space dividers that define and create privacy for the restaurant seating areas. Using over 12,000 meters of cord, the custom interlaced pattern of threads creates a moiré pattern that dances as one moves around.

The kinetic floorlight is an adjustable cantilevered light that arches over the tables. A specially developed detail with a brass counterweight allows the height of the shade to be adjusted over the table to transform the intimacy of the table setting.

The project was a collaboration with Martin Hulbert Design.